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Why I Don’t Blog About Blogging Conferences

Why I Don't Blog about Blogging ConferencesI’ve been to several blogging conferences this year. I’ve  attended many interesting and engaging presentations… and others that were less so. Still, I learned a lot. And I met lots of lovely, wonderful and talented bloggers. And I didn’t blog about any of them.

When I went to Brit Mums Live in June, I wrote a post from my hotel room about the guilt I felt, leaving my daughter for the night. I wrote another when I returned, about how I felt there had been a big change in me between attending the conference this year, and how I felt last year.

I see a lot of bloggers writing posts about conferences, recounting the main points of what we’ve learned in each session. But I have never written one.

It’s not that I don’t think the sessions were useful; as I said above, I’ve been to some amazing presentations by some great speakers, and have learned a lot. But I don’t think the people who read my parenting and lifestyle blog are interested in what happened at a blogging conference.

The reason I split my content out, and put the podcast and post related to blogging and social media on this site is that I didn’t feel it sat well with a blog entitled Single Mother Ahoy. The content on that blog, and the social media associated with it, is aimed at parents – not bloggers. Other bloggers may read those posts – I’m sure may of them do. But I feel that they do so while wearing their “parent” hat, rather than their “blogger” hat.

I split my content out because I didn’t want to bore parents with things in which they had no interest. If your main priority is getting your kids up and dressed for school in the morning, why would you care about how to get more Instagram followers?

I love other bloggers; I love to read their posts and to keep up with what they’ve been doing – especially with those bloggers I’ve met face to face at events. But they are not who I write for. I write for the people who comment on my Facebook posts, who send me messages asking for advice, who are either single parents or have suffered with mental health issues or are interested in the issues I discuss on my blog. They may or may not be bloggers.

That said, this blog seems to be a blog about how my main blog works. So perhaps I should write about blogging conferences here!

Do you blog about blogging events? Or do you actively avoid doing so?

I don't blog about blogging conferences
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About the Author:

Vicky is a social media and blogging trainer who offers workshops and one-to-one coaching in Salisbury as well as online training and webinars. You can read her personal blog at SingleMotherAhoy.com.


  1. Avatar
    Tui Snider November 4, 2015 at 5:22 pm - Reply

    I think you’re wise to keep your readers in mind when you post content on your blog. Seems like you’ve done a good job with that, such as how you wrote about feeling “mom guilt” while attending one blogging con. I’m always trying to find ways to keep my content focused in one place online, but it’s a challenge as you point out! ~Tui, @TuiSnider on Twitter, dropping by from #wwwblogs today to say hi! 🙂

    • Avatar
      Vicky Charles November 4, 2015 at 6:27 pm - Reply

      Thanks Tui. I feel like it’s really easy to get trapped in writing for other bloggers, to get comments and things – rather than for whoever we originally imagined would read our blogs.

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