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What Makes Great Customer Service?

great-customer-serviceI ordered my shopping online the other day. There was a one-hour delivery window, but the driver was running late. I knew he was running late, because I received a text message. When I logged in to my account online, I found a message detailing exactly how late the driver was, and a note to inform me this was updated directly from what the Customer Services department could see, so there was no need to call.

My delivery eventually arrived, two hours late. I was grumpy, and waiting to go to bed. The driver knocked the door, and when I opened the first thing he said was “I’m so sorry to be so late.” He went on to explain what the problem had been: a delivery had been two hours late to their warehouse, and he had been two and a half hours late leaving with his deliveries.

This man had obviously had a pretty rubbish shift; imagine starting your work, already two and a half hours behind schedule. While he explained the problem and expressed frustration at the delay, he wasn’t grumpy or downbeat about it. When I said “I bet you’ve had lots of cross people this evening!” he responded that no, actually everyone had been really understanding and it hadn’t been too bad.

As he picked up his crates to leave, he said goodbye and thanked me for being so understanding about the delay in my delivery.

This company were two hours late delivering my shopping, but I can guarantee I will use them next time my cupboards need filling. I’ve used other companies to deliver my shopping before, and found their drivers belligerent, their customer service wanting. I’d rather order from a company who say “really sorry, we’re going to be late, we’ll keep you updated” than one that’s usually on time, but make you feel like they’re doing you a favour, when you’ve paid a delivery charge!

Providing the best customer service doesn’t mean you have to be the fastest, or the cheapest. People often think better of you if you have made a mistake, or failed in some way – and are professional enough to put your hands up and say “yep, got that wrong. Here’s how we’re fixing it.”

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