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Scheduling Blog Posts: 5 Tips

Last month I published a post about scheduling blog posts.

Many people responded to that post with comments like “I wish I had the time…” or “I wish I could do that…” so here are some tips to help you to schedule blog posts…

scheduling blog posts

Scheduling blog posts: 5 tips to help you on your way

  1. Use a calendar.

    If you’re using WordPress, there is an Editorial Calendar plugin that allows you to view your posts in calendar form. That works for some; others prefer to use a spreadsheet or online calendar. I have an actual diary which I keep updated with the posts I have planned for each day, any linkys I want to join in with, national days that are coming up, etc. It gets a little messy as the week goes on, but I prefer to write things down on paper next to me rather than flit between screens on the computer. Whatever works for you, having some sort of plan or calendar in place will help you to schedule posts.

  2. Schedule time.

    If you want to make the most of scheduling blog posts, don’t just schedule one at a time – that’s just the same as updating your blog in real time, but with a slight delay! Instead, schedule in a block of time and treat it as any other appointment in your day. Use that time – as long as you can manage – to write and schedule as many posts as possible.

  3. Research all the time!

    Don’t just sit down for your allotted blogging time and think, “ok, what shall I blog about?” Think about it during your down times; whenever you find yourself daydreaming, ask yourself what you can write about this week. I tend to use travel time or time when I’m doing housework to think about and plan blog posts. I keep a notepad to hand at all times or use Evernote on my mobile or tablet, and make notes whenever something springs to mind.

  4. Keep on top of linkys.

    The backbone of my blogging schedule is posts for the linkys I want to join in with. When I’m deciding my posts for the week the first things I enter are the linkys I run and the ones I take part in. Any other posts I want to publish that week will fit around those. I publish a weekly list of linkys as part of the Weekend Blog Share which is a great way to find inspiration for blog posts. If I want to post daily but I have nothing written down yet for a particular day I will take a look at the list and find one I’d like to join in with.

  5. Stick to timings!

    If you are scheduling posts, you can decide what day and time they will go live. Decide on a time for your posts to go live each day: at the stroke of midnight? First thing in the morning? Lunch time or evening? I would say, whichever time you opt for, try and stick to it so that anyone following your blog knows when to expect new material. If you publish a new post at 10am one day and then 10pm the next, people who do return daily will be confused by it. We are all creatures of habit, and people will usually come to your blog at the same time every day. If they visit and find no new material one day, and then several new posts the next time, they might feel a little overwhelmed.

Do you schedule blog posts on a regular basis? If you have any other tips that I’ve not covered here do please share them in the comments!

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