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5 Reasons to Schedule Your Blog Posts

Do you schedule your blog posts? I’m a big fan of scheduling. When I first began my personal blog, I would just write and publish blog posts as and when I finished writing them. When I discovered scheduling, I began to plan out my weeks more, and to schedule my posts for each day. At various points – when I’ve been really on top of what I was doing – I’ve had a week’s worth of posts scheduled and ready to go.

reasons to schedule blog posts

Here are 5 reasons to schedule your blog posts:

1 Better Editing

I don’t know about you, but when I write a post and publish it, I always – almost without fail – have one of those and another thing moments about two hours after I finish writing, where I suddenly think of something I really should have added to my post. By that point several people have read my blog post, and missed out on this amazing insight I’ve only just thought of.
If you schedule your blog posts a couple of days in advance, you have time to walk away from it and have your aha moment, then go back and edit it to make it even more fantastic!

2 More Consistent Posting

Be honest: how often do you get to 8pm and think, oh crap, I’ve nothing to post tomorrow on the blog… oh well, I’ll leave it? That’s fine, if you’re just blogging for fun and you’re not interested in building up your blog. But if you want to attract a loyal audience you need to post consistently. If you can get into the habit of consistently scheduling at least a few days ahead with your posts, you have a couple of days’ leeway where you can relax and think about what your next post will be.
For me, staying ahead of myself by scheduling a few days ahead allows me some breathing space on those days where I don’t have time to write a post or feel I’m lacking inspiration.

3 More Time for Research

If you’ve scheduled blog posts a few days in advance, you can use the time you would have used on those days, to really research a topic properly. I find that if I am researching something new, it works well for me to have time to read about the topic, but also to have time to mull it over and think about it. If I’m planning a post, it pays to take time to think about which angle I want to approach it from, what point I want to get across and so on. By scheduling blog posts in advance, I allow myself more time to do this.

4 Flow

Often if you’re going to schedule your blog posts, you will write them in bulk, perhaps two or three in one go. When I set aside time for blogging and really get into my flow, I am able to write a thousand words in a fairly short space of time. If I’m writing one post on its own, it can take me a couple of hours but if I get my head down and know I’m block writing posts for scheduling, I can often write two or three posts in a few hours. Writing is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it gets. If I’m writing posts individually I will generally lose at least half an hour trying to get myself into the right frame of mind, trying to find notes or that website I was looking at or my special pen or what have you. Blocking time allows me to get my head down, get into my flow and just write.

5 Calendar Events

When you begin to schedule your blog posts, it’s fairly easy to get a few days ahead – which means you can take the time to take a look at the calendar and see if there’s a national day or celebration you want to cover on your blog. I’ve lost cound of the number of times I’ve looked up mid-afternoon and realised that today was a national day that’s really relevant to my blog, something I really would have like to post about.
If you schedule your blog posts and are used to always looking a few days ahead, you’ll never (hopefully!) be caught out by these calendar events or campaigns again.

5 reasons to schedule blog posts

Have I convinced you to schedule your posts yet? Or are you already a seasoned post scheduler? I would love to know how you feel about scheduling your blog posts!

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