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Goal Setting for Greatness 2016-01-11

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Welcome to Goal Setting for Greatness.

As mentioned in last week’s post, I have not made resolutions this year, and I’m not setting year-long goals. Instead I have set ten goals for the next 90 days, and will report back here each week with an update as to how I am getting on with them:

  1. Increase my income by 5% each month: I sent some emails this week but I need to do a lot more if I want to hit this goal.
  2. Launch my Facebook training course by the end of March: I’ve done nothing this week toward this goal; the first week back to work after Christmas just seems to go so quickly!
  3. Get three more clients by the end of March: This one sort of goes hand in hand with the first one, in that my plan for both involves pitching my services to new clients.
  4. Work out three times each week: I did this! I was hoping for more but it turns out the return to that early alarm clock has been really tiring!
  5. Get the living room clear with everything in a home by the end of March: I actually did really well with this. We packed our Christmas things away on Wednesday and moved some furniture around and now there is a nice clear space on the living room floor… now we just need to sort out the rest of the room!
  6. Complete the blog training course I purchased last year – with a To Do list of actions for anything I can’t get done (rather than get stuck on something and not move forward): So far, nothing… must do better!
  7. Drink at least 2 bottles of water per day: I’ve actually put a little note in my diary every single day over the next 2 months for this, to make sure I get it done. So far, so good!
  8. Listen to podcasts/watch Periscopes four days per week: I actually did this every day this week, and I do feel like it has improved my productivity and motivation to listen to/watch motivational and inspiring people.
  9. Do at least one fun activity with my daughter each week: This week we left it to the very last minute! I wanted this to be something where we spend quality time together, without my being on the laptop or her engrossed in something on TV. Yesterday we went to a birthday party together which took up most of the day, but when we got home we both had a party bag, and both bags had a balloon. So we blew them up, and played “The Balloon Game” which is a game with no rules which we made up over Christmas, and involves us batting balloons at each other across the living room. Lots of giggles.
  10. Meet a friend for coffee twice per month: This week I met my lovely friend Sam for coffee and we had a good old natter. It made me feel much more sociable and positive. Perfect for a Friday afternoon!

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Now it’s your turn! If you’d like to join in, please add the badge below to your post and link it up here.

Please note: if your post does not include a clear list of goals for the week/month ahead, it will be deleted without prior warning.

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Goal Setting for Greatness

This linky will be live until Wednesday evening (BST), so feel free to add a post later in the week if you’ve not got round to setting any goals yet.

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  1. Avatar
    Leandra January 11, 2016 at 10:11 pm - Reply

    Looks as though you’ve had a great week of keeping up with your goals, I love the idea of 90 day goals. It suits me so much more and I’m sure will make it much easier to achieve them. Thanks for hosting.

  2. […] I worry that it’s so easy to let the days slip by without doing special things with S, so I set myself a goal to do at least one fun activity with S each week. It’s made me more mindful in general […]

  3. Avatar
    Joanne January 14, 2016 at 9:25 pm - Reply

    I’ve started tuning into Blab. It’s quite interesting listening to live chats while you work!

    • Avatar
      Vicky Charles January 17, 2016 at 7:50 pm - Reply

      ooh I’ve not had a go at Blab yet. I might investigate this week.

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