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Goal Setting for Greatness 2015-10-05


Hello and welcome to another Goal Setting for Greatness linky. This is a weekly linky where we set ourselves goals for the week (or month) ahead and provide accountability and support for each other.

I set myself monthly goals, and the idea is that achieving my weekly goals will enable me to meet those monthly goals – which in turn will allow me to meet my long term goals. Whether you set weekly or monthly goals – or some other frequency – you are welcome to link up here, regardless of what type of blog you have.

On with the goals, then.

October Goals – Update

Increase my Income by 5% – as I said last month: it’s staying on here until I do it!

Stay on Track with Training – I have invested in a training course which requires a minimum of five hours’ work per week. I feel like if I keep up with it, I will make enough money to pay for the course and then some – the trick is to make sure I stay on track with it!

Exercise a Minimum of Five Times per Week – I’ve been doing PiYo for eight weeks, but I finished the timetable that came with the dvds this week. I know what I’m like; I am really good at making excuses not to exercise! I want to make sure I keep up my exercise routine.


Last Week’s Weekly Goals


Email Contacts – I’ve emailed a few contacts so far, but I have a few other ideas up my sleeve!

Schedule Five Hours of Training – I actually managed this! Between early morning working and getting my work finished earlier in the day, I’ve managed to get a fair amount of training and development work done.

Exercise Five Times – I didn’t manage this. I had planned my week so that I could spend Saturday at a blogging conference without having to try and fit in a workout – but I have had an awful cold for the last few days. I ended up cutting one workout in half, and skipping another. So I actually only manged 3.5 workouts – but I was ill, so I’m not giving myself a hard time about that!


This Week’s Goals


Begin blocking my work – It occurs to me that there are several tasks I know I need to do each week, and I have a list of what needs doing at the beginning of the month – but I still do the task weekly. There is no reason I can’t block all of this together and do it in one go, and so that’s what I want to begin doing this week. The hope is that by doing this I can free up more time for other cunning plans…

Print modules for training – In the same way that I want to begin blocking my work, I also want to get all of my training materials printed so that when I want to begin a module I’m not held up by waiting for it to print!

Workout five times – I’m not feeling much better if I’m honest, but I think if I get back to working out at 5:30 in the mornings it might help me to feel more motivated and to shake off this cold!

Now it’s your turn! If you’d like to join in, please add the badge below to your post and link it up here.

Please note: if your post does not include a clear list of goals for the week/month ahead, it will be deleted without prior warning.

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Goal Setting for Greatness

This linky will be live until Wednesday evening (BST), so feel free to add a post later in the week if you’ve not got round to setting any goals yet.

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