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Facebook: Why You Need a Page to Promote Your Blog or Business

Facebook is the original, and still the largest social network. Whether we like it or not, Facebook is massive and as a blog or a business, we all need to have a presence there – if for no other reason than to keep an impostor from claiming our name there!

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I’ve seen a lot of people lately bemoaning the fact that Facebook is preventing their posts from reaching their fans. Everyone seems to be really fed up with Facebook’s algorithms, and convinced they’re out to get them.

Here’s the thing though: of course they want us to pay; it’s advertising! You wouldn’t dream of taking out an ad in your local paper or on a billboard without stumping up some cash; Facebook has the potential to reach twice as many people as those two combined, and to target your advertising – so why shouldn’t they charge for that?

I know a lot of bloggers and businesses have tried to get around Facebook’s algorithms by setting up a personal account and calling it their blog or business name. People think they’re terribly cleve in doing this, but here are three big reasons you should have a page rather than a personal account:

  1. If you use a personal account, your posts still don’t show on everyone’s timeline – but you don’t have access to Insights to see how many people you’ve reached. With a page, you can see which posts have performed better, which have had the most engagement and exactly how many people have seen your post.
  2. Readers/customers don’t want to be your friend. If you’re using a personal account then in order to see your updates and information people would need to add you as a friend. Not only do they then have to wait for you to respond to the requst, but more importantly it means the flow of information goes both ways. If your business is “friends” with Joe Bloggs up the road then you, the faceless impersonal business whose profile picture is your logo or your premises now has access to your friends’ personal updates. Their baby photos, their complaints about their mother in law, their confessions about what they got up to last night. A lot of people aren’t comfortable having a business or blog as their “friend.”
  3. It’s not your real name. Facebook is cracking down on personal accounts that do not appear to be people. In fact, I’ve known more than one person recently whose real name has not been accepted by Facebook as “real.” ┬áTheir accounts were suspended until they provided a driving licence to prove their names. Facebook has the right to close your account down without warning if they believe it’s fake. If your account is deleted, you lose all your connections and will have to start from scratch.

The long and the short of it is that yes, you do need a presence on Facebook and no, you can’t cheat by making that a personal accont rather than a page. Your only choice is to play by the rules Facebook makes. It’s not the end of the world though; you can easily build up your Facebook page to have great reach and interaction. Have a listen to my podcast for some great tips – or you can head over to my Facebook page, where I have been sharing a new Facebook tip every day.


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    Random Musings February 29, 2016 at 2:06 pm - Reply

    It took me almost a year to finally bite the bullet and set up a Facebook page for my blog. To be honest, it doesn’t bring in a huge amount of traffic but it’s a pretty simple network to use so it’s worth it I think. #blogstorm

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    Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks March 28, 2016 at 3:53 pm - Reply

    I didn’t understand the blog name – personal account piece, I think it’s clever in one sense but in another why would you do that?! Just because FB won’t show your posts to everyone without paying doesn’t mean that they are bad it just means you need to work a little smarter and a little harder if you don’t want to pay! Or get lucky with a couple of posts…..

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