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There are many messages and many messengers. None is the right one and none is the wrong one. These messages come to you in whichever is the best way for you – whichever way you are most likely to listen and most likely to hear. Others may hear the same message and it means nothing to them. This does not mean the message is incorrect it simply means it is not their message. They will receive their own message in their own way.

When you hear a message that resonates with you then you must listen and take action on what it is saying to you.

And yes we say “hear” but what we mean is any way that a message may come to you – you may see it, read it, hear it, even smell it. You may feel it. All of these are valid and personal to you. Do not get caught up in thinking about the mechanics or the details.

Ultimately if you receive a message it is for you and you should consider this a calling to act on it.

When you do not act on your messages you should know that they will become like a broken record. It is not the case that you do not feel like doing this – or rather you are scared of doing this – and so then we bring you a different message. No. Instead we will send the same message again and again, in different ways, in the hope of getting through to you.

Sometimes you may receive a message that is time sensitive. Speak to this person. Attend this event. If you ignore this message obviously you will not continue to receive the same message after the time has passed to speak to the person or to attend the event. What will happen is that the thing you were supposed to hear or learn from that person or event must now come to you in a different way, from a different person, a different media and so on. This second choice (or third choice if you are particularly stubborn) may not be the preferable way for you to receive information. The first way is always the preferable way – so take action as soon as you get that nudge to do so.

Messages are coming to you all day every day but many of you do not hear them. You do not see what is right under your nose because you have had many years of society teaching you to ignore it, to take substances that dull your sense. This is fine. It will take a while to get used to noticing and acting on these messages. There is no hurry for all is divinely timed – but you are seeing this message, here, now, today to tell you that it is time to start with this. It is time to listen for the messages and to take action on them.

You may find at first you are thinking “what messages?” for you do not notice them. Meditation and quiet listening may help with this. Paying attention and being in the now. When you are busy thinking about last week or next week of course you do not notice what is right here and now.

Be here now, where the messages and guidance are. The two go hand in hand. If you are busy doing everything you can to avoid the present moment because you are afraid there may be pain – unknown pain – of course you will not experience messages.

Often humans will distract themselves with the known pain of the past or the imagined and controllable pain that may occur in the future because what happens right now is an unknown quantity. Your society fosters and encourages this approach but it will never lead you to freedom.

Only when you are able to truly sit in this present moment right now will you be able to move forward with your journey.

This is what will allow you to see, feel, hear, experience the messages that are coming to you.

Do not worry about whether someone else understands or whether they see what you see. They are on their own path and they will receive their own messages.

This message is for you. Act on it.

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