Channeled message: what you were born to do

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This is what you are here for, there is no “other thing” you should be doing.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, know that it was all part of the plan – you were always going to end up right here.

This does not mean that your path, your journey cannot suddenly take a right-turn, that because you are meant to be here right now you are not meant to be somewhere completely different in a week, a month, a year from now. You may change courses, change directions, change paths – and this would still be exactly where you are supposed to be.

You see my dear it is all planned, it is all exactly correct. You require these certain specific experiences in your human journey and so even the things that seem like they are wrong, incorrect, not supposed to be, you are not supposed to be here, how could you possibly be meant to be here – even these moments are correct.

Humans think of their dream career or calling in life and say “this is what I was meant to do” but you do not realise that all of it is what you were meant to do. Even dog walking when you were sixteen or that time you fell and hurt your ankle, these were still important things that were meant to be, supposed to happen.

You see it is all one long journey and a game of dominos at the same time. If this had not happened that could not happen. Each domino knocks the next and the next and the next and eventually the human looks up and says “ah yes, this is where I am supposed to be” as if the fifty places they were in before were incorrect and did not lead to them ending up here.

This is not to say that you cannot or should not change course, change direction, make decisions, have preferences. All of these things are possible and indeed they need to happen.

This is not about removing or negating your choice or free will. It is not about seeing you in pain or discomfort, in a position you would rather not be in and saying “ah but this is where you belong and you must stay there.”

No. This is all to say that wherever you should happen to find yourself, in that moment it is the right place and the right time. It is perfect in that exact moment. In the next moment you may move or change and that will be perfect too for it is all perfect, it is all correct, it is all exactly where you need to be, where you were supposed to be.

You do not have to love it – it is perfectly fine and reasonable for you to say “I do not like this and I want this to change” but in fact you cannot make a real change until you fully accept what is right in front of you right now. You cannot ignore it or pretend you cannot see it or that it is not happening.

Accept it as it is. This is how it is right now. And then, if you would rather it was different, make a change. Move out of this bit here and create a new bit over there. You are free to make changes and even when you get there you may sit in that moment and say “this is not exactly what I want either” and you may decide to change again.

The point is that real change cannot be made while you refuse to accept that right now verything is as it is. It is how it was always meant to be in this precise moment. Once you accept this exact present moment exactly as it is and say “ah yes this is exactly what was planned” you can say in the next breath “and now we make changes”

This is not a puzzle and it is not about religion or someone telling you to accept less than you would desire from this life. You are not to be told that you may not pursue the path you believe to be your calling and to stay put in a job or role you do not enjoy.

But perhaps you need the experience of the thing you do not enjoy, in order to be good at this other thing over here that you will be aiming for. Perhaps these experiences that seem unpleasant and negative in the moment are actually the building blocks on the road to who you are becoming. To the “this is what I was meant to do” moment.

It is all what you were meant to do, and you can change it all too.

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