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There are many things happening at present, there is much that calls for your attention and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Take a step back and remember to take care of yourself first for you cannot keep up with anything if you do not first care for yourself.

Take salt baths. Wash off the past, release it as you lay in the water and feel it soaking away.

Look at the ways you do things, how you approach situations. Do this with fresh eyes, as if this is the first time with no force of habit or expectation guiding you. Would you still do this in this way, or do you choose this because you have always done it?

Now is the time to examine closely all habits and coping mechanisms and to ask yourself whether these are working in your best interests.

Question everything. Why do I wear this, say this, eat this, go here, do that. Make changes wherever possible. If you usually wear black, choose a bright colour to wear today instead. If you usually tie hair up, wear it down. Walk a different route, eat a different food, do things in a different order.

Anything that will jolt your brain off of the track it stays on for comfort and ease. This will help you to be more aware of what is occurring and from this space of awareness you may evaluate and affect change.

This is a process and it will feel sometimes that you are moving backwards or have stalled. This is the time to stop and look again. There will be setbacks as the ego tries to reassert control. The habits you have are there because they have served a purpose and it makes the ego nervous to have all of this questioned and changed. Over time it will calm down and will not fight back quite so vehemently. In the meantime, stay calm. Go back to the beginning of the process and begin again.

There is no limit to the number of times you can do this. In fact it may be beneficial to repeat this constantly. Constant evaluation of actions and reactions. Questioning of why you are doing something.

Paying attention. Always paying attention.

No mindless scrolling; no mindless eating, mindless watching. Look at how these things are distracting you – and what they are distracting you from. It will be uncomfortable to sit with these things as your ego has done such a good job of distracting you from them. Now is the time to face this though. Take a deep breath and just sit with how you are feeling. Just be.

And again the salt baths. This is an important part of the process. A ritual to be performed. When you pour the epsom salts into your bath, when you sink down into it, when you emerge from the bath – the intention is to wash away old habits, old approaches, old ways of being. Keep this intention as you bathe, as you rise, as you dress.

And so this can be seen as a spiral – you bring things up to the surface by awareness of them, you sit with it, process it, consider it, really feel it. And then you wash it away, making space for the whole process to begin again.

As each thing is washed away so you become clearer. A clearer channel for receiving and acting on your messages.

In this way you guide yourself towards your highest good, your highest path, your true self, your purpose. You light your own path.

This is important work but it is not easy. It continues over many months and years, it is never over as this is the nature of being a human. As you remove these layers so the ego is forever tempted to add another.

Now is the time to do this work, to begin and to look honestly at what is happening for you. This month in particular will be very confronting for many and so you must use this to your advantage and work with what comes up.

Your heart is pure and you are always moving with the best of intentions – but sometimes there is no awareness of the intention because habit has taken over.

Your intention may be to feel good (it is actually always this, manifested in different forms) but the action may be to numb your feelings instead because actually you are afraid of a true good feeling, or because you are afraid there is a bad feeling lurking there instead. So you distract yourself from any true feeling.

The truth is that to allow yourself to really sit and experience a feeling, whether the feeling is “good” or “bad” can be a positive experience because at that point you are allowing what is. You are not striving to turn away, to avoid – this is a fear response and fear is not positive. And so yes, if you stop running from it, and turn to face it, you will see that to allow it can feel agreeable to you.

This sitting with it, being with it, allowing it – is the basis of this process. It is not always easy, it is not always painless but it is always positive.

Only when these things have been faced and truly looked at and inspected can they be released and let go.

And you deserve to let these things go. Put them down. Lighten your load. If it no longer serves you why would you continue to carry it around with you?

You can start this process today, right now. And you can re-start at any moment. Question your thoughts, your habits, your actions. And let go those which are holding you back from greatness.

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