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There are many paths and you can choose whichever one, there is no wrong choice and ultimately all will lead you to the same destination, just with a slightly different route. Your soul came here to learn, so learn it must. It does not matter if you trek through the mountains or stroll through the valley. You will learn lessons either way and at the end you will arrive at the same destination.

Do not get caught up in choices then. Your choices are all divinely guided if you will open your heart and listen to your intuition. And even the choice your human mind judges as “wrong” will still provide your soul with the experiences it came here for.

This is the way things have always been. Humans are on this planet to learn and grow but your egos have become more prominent and now you fight among yourselves about things which are of no consequence outside of this dimension. This is all fine though as it provides you with more opportunity to learn and grow which is the reason you are here. None of you is here for any other reason than this.

And so when things are difficult and challenging, take a breath and change perspective. Do not wallow in the suffering but find a way to choose your reaction. Widen the gap between the stimulus and response. Your power lies forever in this as it is the only thing on this planet that you are truly able to control.

Many find this a difficult concept, they feel this is the one thing they cannot control. But you cannot control the weather, you cannot control the traffic, you cannot control those around you. So then you must learn to regulate your respose to these things. This is where your power lies.

Humans love to complain that “he made me” or “she caused me to” but this is never the case. What you mean to say is “this person’s actions provoked this reaction in me.” So then if you can pause and remember who you are before responding you can change the outcome here. You can respond differently. this is the greatest spiritual practice there is for you are learning to identify and control your power. But so many of you seem averse to even trying this – because your ego knows that when you accept this fact you must take full responsibility for all things. There can be no more blaming on others because you know all power lies within you.

This is an obstacle to overcome. After all, no matter whether you are trekking the mountains or strolling the valleys, this is the only path you are really on. This is the thing you must master in this life.

Your human brain says “ah yes, but what about love and compassion, and, and, and…” and to this we say: Humans love this phrase “ah yes, but” as if you can outsmart that which created the entire world in which you reside! Love and compassion are important yes – but they are ultimately versions of the same thing – regulating your response to the world around you.

If you see a person with no home, he is dirty and has not washed, perhaps he is drunk or intoxicated. He is swearing and messy. Your first response may be to hold your breath as you hurry on past but if you can stop and create a space before you respond this allows for compassion to come in and remind you that this smelly, drunk person is also a soul on a journey. That he has suffered, is suffering. That he is as worthy of love and compassion as any other.

It is the gap, the breath you take, that allows space for love and compassion.

And so we tell you again – this is your lesson to learn, your skill to master.

Practise this every day. Physically take a breath before responding if you must. Give your true self time to respond before the ego takes over.

When the ego is in full judgemental, blaming flow, it is not too late to take that breath. It is never too late. Pause. Look for the different perspective.

This is the most important thing you will do for it will strengthen and enrich all relationships. Non judgement, love, compassion, all of these virtues begin by first choosing the more loving response.

It is easy to love your child when they are angelic and asleep but can you respond to them with the same love if it is three hours past bedtime and they are jumping on the bed, drawing on the walls?

It is easy to love your neighbour when they bring you a gift but can you respond with the same love when they are doing things your ego perceives as disrespectful or unkind?

This does not mean that you must lay down and allow others to trample over you as they see fit. There is always a place for boundaries and a strong, resounding NO. But you can say this with love, without anger. With control and regulation, without blame.

No more “now see what you’ve made me do” – instead only love and compassion and kindness. This is the lesson all must learn.

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