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I was woken in the night again with a message to share… I feel a little more apprehensive about sharing this one as it seems more disjointed and confusing. I’d love to hear how you feel about it…

All is not lost. You feel uneasy and insecure at present but it will not always be this way. This is a time of flux and great upheaval but the pieces will eventually be laid flat and you will see that the changes needed to be made. It was not possible to simply move a few pieces here and there – the entire foundation needed to be changed.

Many lives have been disrupted and turned upside down but this is no bad thing for people were stagnating and needed a shift. Do not fear this change – it can work in your favour if you follow your intuition and do not rush to reinstate old ways.

There are many theories as to why this year’s changes and upheaval have taken place. The truth is that all are correct and none are correct. It is simply the thing that had to happen. Humans will suffer from this but humans will suffer either way.

The Earth is calling out to be healed. As one human is healed so this helps to soothe and heal the next and the next and the next. The Earth is healed through this process also and eventually a critical mass is reached and the status quo is tipped on its head.

You have your part to play in this, as does every person. Do not get caught up in the wider world and macro implications. Instead focus on your own healing, your own journey, your own life. You are not responsible for the reactions of those around you and must take the path that best suits your needs. As time goes on you will see that there was really no other option with this.

And so you take your path and you change and learn and grow. You heal old wounds and come to a point of greater understanding. And you look around you and realise that all other humans have been on their own journey like this. The same but different. All are unique and yet all roads lead to Rome. The differences and nuances of each particular journey are necessary and also irrelevant, inconsequential.

In the old days there were a handful of religions which were each their own winding road through life and back to the One. Now there is a path for each and every person. You may speak to the One, the God, the Universe yourself and you may walk your own path. And at the end of it all you will end up in the same place as the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, the Buddhists, the Jaians. No one path is better than another – but one path is better suited to the individual.

Humans have fought over such things for many years. Wars have raged over which path was the correct one but you did not know that all are the same.

As this period of change continues you will all see that these paths are all the same but different. This will be a period of great awakening for many who had felt lost and perhaps lonely and dejected. Change will come both slow and fast. Questions will be asked and answered. Those that remain open hearted throughout wil find that there are many rewards to this.

This message seems confusing but all will become clear soon enough.

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