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This is a short story but an important one. You are all here to read the same story but you each interpret it differently. This is the beauty of human existence. It is something to rejoice in this infinite number of different perspectives and opinions. No matter how alike two people are they will never see things in exactly the same way. These differences are where you can practice compassion and love. You do not need to see it from their perspective but you do need to allow them to have their own perspective, and for it to be just as right and correct as yours.

Many humans find a differing perspective to be a threat to their own. Of course this is the ego stepping in to be heard.

There is no threat in difference. Nobody can truly threaten your existence because the truth is that you are an infinite being. The ego feels threatened because it is finite and can be weakened and perhaps destroyed.

Do not fear, do not fear, do not fear, this is not what you came here to do. Your ego has taken control of the ship. Of course learning to work with your ego and not against it is why you are here. It is not to be destroyed but most humans are being controlled like marionettes by your ego and this is not the best way to go through a human existence. The ego tries always to avoid pain and suffering but in so doing it unwittingly causes pain and suffering both for itself and those around it.

Your mission in this life is not to kill or destroy the ego – this cannot be done, and even if it could, what then would be the point of your coming here?

No. Your mission while here is to learn to recognise the ego and to work with it. To allow it to take a back seat a little more so that your soul may come to the forefront and lead the way.

As this begins to happen you will notice a shift in your perspective. The things that bothered you (your ego) before will fade to insignificance as you move towards an existence of love and compassion and true connection with those around you. With the world.

This takes time of course and it is not a linear route. There will be times when you feel you have taken a step forward, only to then take several steps back. It can feel frustrating and this is often when the ego seizes its opportunity to reassert itself.

Be patient with yourself and know that a step back is not a loss but a learning opportunity. And once you have taken that step forward it will be easier to take again the second time because it is no longer stepping into a foreign land. It feels familiar.

Familiar but not easy. It is the ego that craves ease and lack of effort. This is not the way. The soul will always search out the more fulfilling life which may often be harder and require more effort. The path of least resistance often leads you back into an ever decreasing and shrinking comfort zone, where you will be safe but bored and unfulfilled.

We know this is hard for many humans to grasp and fully embrace, especially now while the entire world is changing and seems to be teetering on the edge of the abyss.

Many are experiencing what you would call a “dark night of the soul” right now. Many are struggling and do not see a light at the end of the tunnel. The truth is that you must learn to be your own light, to release and let go of the suffering you cling to. When you are able to do this you will feel the tunnel open up. You will see that the darkness was a darkness of your own making, created by your clinging to the suffering. As the suffering is released the light returns.

This does not mean you float off up to heaven but rather that without the clinging to suffering your life becomes more manageable. Your ego can take a back seat and allow your soul to steer you to calmer ground. This sounds very simplistic but the truth is that without the control of the ego the world is very simple. The ego takes tyrannical control and creates conflict and struggle and suffering in order to create its own safety. All of this is ultimately false.

How to begin with all of this?

My dear, you already have. You are facing in the right direction and this is nine tenths of the battle. The rest is vigilance, mindfulness. Pay close attention to that voice in your head and ask constantly: Who is saying this? Is it me or is it my ego? This is where the breath between stimulus and response becomes crucial.

As you begin to slow down your reactions to the world around you, you will find that you can distinguish between the calm, clear voice of the soul and the anxious, needy and fearful voice of the ego. You can calm and soothe the ego like a scared child – for that is ultimately what it is.

As you become more calm and less reactive more of these opportunities open up to you and you are able to follow your intuition more and more until you look up and realise you have created an entirely different world for yourself. All of this comes from inside. The physical world around you may change based on the way you begin to perceive it. The external world is not your concern thoguh.

By now you see that the internal world inside yourself is the only one you can have a hope of changing and controlling.

By making these changes you affect your role in the external world. The way you interact with the world – whether people, animals, situations, nature – will change. This is how you change the world – by changing yourself. By changing your perspective and outlook – not to align with that of anyone else but to align with your soul, your true self.

The work begins today and will never end. It is not easy but it is the only worthwhile pursuit in this life – and the only path to bring endless fulfilment and reward.

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