Channeled message: love is the only work

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This is the only work, the most important work. Many of you are going through human lives one after the other with hearts that lay almost dormant – you build layer after layer of defences against a pain that ceased many lifetimes previously.

This is normal and fine but now is the time to remove these defences. The world needs you to lead from the heart right now and so you must remove these walls, break them down, take the risk. It will be worth it and at this point is desperately needed.

Open your heart to all without exception. Everyone deserves your love and compassion for you are all in the same human predicament. Do not close your heart in the hope of protecting yourself from some unseen or imagined threat for this will not work it is not the way. When you close your heart yes you may prevent external pain but you also trap internal pain – and you prevent love from flowing in any direction.

As you look around this world you see many who have become cut off from their hearts when this is the time to live from the heart, serve from the heart, lead through the heart.

You all must allow love to flow in all directions, even towads those for whom you feel distaste, those with whom you disagree vehemently.

You cannot meet a lack of compassion with an equal lack of compassion. Nobody can win in this way. You must meet all trials with love and compassion always. There is no exception to this.

Practise sending love out into the world. Choose one person each day to shower in love. You can begin with an easy target, someone your ego feels is “deserving” but then move on to the ones your ego has judged as undeserving, unworthy, unlovable. Love these people too.

Open your heart and allow love to flow in all directions.

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