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There is a light, a light shines on you. A light shines on each person individually. Each has their own light and it shines just for them. Your light shines only for you. It highlights you and your path. It will guide the way if you will trust it and allow it to do so.

Each human has a light, like a spotlight shining down but most do not appreciate that it is there, they do not understand and so they live in darkness, fumbling and stumbling around for what they want and need.

Use your light to guide the way.

Yes, this is a metaphor and there is no actual spotlight above your head – but also it is not a metaphor because there is a channel of light running through you and this is your light. It is what lights you and the world around you.

You do not need to worry about this light, about whether it is “switched on.” Think of it as an extension of you. Though actually it is more true to say you are an extension of the light. Certainly your physical body is just this.

You can commune with this light. Messages come to you through this light, this beautiful pure line of light. Everything you could ever want or need to know can be transmitted to you through that line of light – but if you are not tuned in to that radio station, that frequency, that vibration, you will not hear it.

There are many messages coming through for all at this time. Many people will feel pulled to say and do things they would not have done previously. Follow your light, follow what makes you feel lit up. Do what you know deep down that you must do, not what your fearful ego tells you that you should do.

You can connect to your line at any time throughout the day.

At night when you sleep you are connected here and this can come through in dreams. Often humans find it hard to understand dreams because they are not always straightforward or literal.

When you remember your dreams, write them down. Often when you return to them at a later date you will see that ah yes, I dreamed of this and then this happened. And so on. Dreams can be a way of relaying messages if you are not yet receptive in the waking state.

Take things more slowly at this time.

You think you need to rush but you do not. Slow down. Take more care and consideration over your thoughts, your words, your actions. This is an important point. Allow yourself time to channel any message that may be coming to you. You can only do this if your brain and ego have not already begun talking or doing. Get used to taking a breath before responding. Centre yourself and then allow your heart to speak. Take action from this point, from this space – not from the fearful energy of the brain which will lead you only into more fear and doubt.

Take time to breathe. Take time to care for yourself, for your inner child. You have many wounds to heal across may lifetimes and this can only be done by taking time for yourself. You need this time in silence without distractions, in order to process these things and to understand your next steps.

Things may feel unfamiliar and strange to you at present but soon you will see that this is where you need to be at this time. Your ego fears change and the unknown – but this is not unknown to your true self, to your soul. There is no need to fear them for your soul knows what it is doing.

Relax. Take deep breaths. Take care of yourself. Honour yourself. Honour your boundaries and your needs. You must honour these things or you cannot expect others to do the same. Think of yourself as a child who needs someone to advocate for them. That is you – you are both the child and the advocate. You must stand up for this child and ensure their needs are met every day.

The light will cleanse you and guide you if you will allow it to do this. This is the way it has always been but over millennia humans have been blind to this fact, and to the possibilities and opportunities that are available to you when you step into this light and work with it for the highest good of all.

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