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Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline – And How to Opt Out!

We've all heard the news about the new Twitter algorithm being introduced, so that timelines are no longer in chronological order. The internet has been up in arms about this, with the hashtag #RIPTwitter going bonkers with people declaring they will leave Twitter (to go where, one wonders?) The change took place this week, and now [...]

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Facebook: Why You Need a Page to Promote Your Blog or Business

Facebook is the original, and still the largest social network. Whether we like it or not, Facebook is massive and as a blog or a business, we all need to have a presence there - if for no other reason than to keep an impostor from claiming our name there! I've seen a lot of [...]

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Why I Don’t Join Like Ladders – And Neither Should You!

Have you ever used a like ladder Facebook to grow your page? Perhaps you use them to grow your Twitter and Instagram following too? I don't use them, and I advise my training clients not to use them either. Here's why...   What is a like ladder? A like ladder is usually a post on Facebook [...]

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8 Reasons to Love Pinterest

Do you love Pinterest? We all know the obvious reason to love Pinterest: for finding inspiration for hair, outfits, children's birthday parties. I can spend hours on Pinterest, pinning other people's pins and generally wasting time. When I was first invited to Pinterest, I wasted hours and hours; it was so much fun to just [...]

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How to Create a Twitter Sharing Schedule

Last weekend I took part in the Blog Clinic at Mumsnet Blogfest, as one of their resident experts. I met some really lovely bloggers and it was really uplifting to feel like I had helped a few people with their blogging questions. One of the main questions people asked me was: How do I drive [...]

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