Podcast #50: 5 Reasons to Post Videos on Facebook

I've been posting videos on Facebook daily for a while now. In this week's podcast I give you five reasons I think you should post videos on Facebook too! If you've been following me on my Facebook page  lately, you'll know that I've been posting daily videos of Facebook tips. I've become one of those [...]

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Podcast #49: 5 Things to NEVER do on Your Facebook Page

In this week's podcast I talk about five things I believe we should never do on our Facebook pages... Are you doing any of these?   How is your Facebook page coming along? Do you feel like you're not really getting any traction? Perhaps you're making a few mistakes with what you're posting? Here are [...]

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Podcast #48: 5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out

In this week's podcast I give you five ways to make your Facebook page stand out.   Does your Facebook page stand out against all the others out there? How can you make your Facebook page look a little different and grab people's attention? Here are five ways you can ensure your Faebook page is a [...]

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Podcast #47: 4 Ways to Use Facebook Insights

In this week's podcast I give you four ways you can use Facebook Insights.   Do you use the Insights section on your Facebook page? It's a fantastic resource that can really help you to target your posts. Insights can help you to know what to post and when, for maximum reach and engagement.   [...]

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Podcast #46: 10 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Engagement

This week's podcast is ten ways to improve your Facebook engagement.   Whenever I ask people how I can help them with their Facebook, or what is the one thing they want to know about Facebook I get the same answer: I want more engagement on my Facebook page.   So how do you get more [...]

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