Podcast #55: 10 Ways to Prepare for the Instagram Algorithm

Last week's podcast was about the new Instagram algorithm, and what it really means for us. This week, I'm giving you 10 ways to prepare for the roll out of the algorithm...     In this week's podcast I talk about ways you can prepare for the new Instagram algorithm... I love Instagram; I've been using [...]

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Podcast #54: What Does the Instagram Algorithm Really Mean?

You might have heard about the new Instagram algorithm... in fact, if you're an Instagram user, it's likely you'll have heard of nothing else on there for the last week or so! On March 15th, Instagram announced that they would be introducing an algorithm to timelines. This was hardly a surprise, since Instagram is owned [...]

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Podcast #53: 5 Ways to Get More Facebook Page Likes

How do you get more likes on your Facebook page? It's a question I'm asked often - and although I truly believe that successful social media is about quality over quantity, there are a few things you can try to get more Facebook page likes.   Here are five ways to get more likes on [...]

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Podcast #52: Facebook – The One Thing You Need to Remember

Do you sometimes feel like you're talking to yourself on your Facebook page? Do your posts hardly reach anyone? Are you starting to think you can only sell your products if you pay for advertising?   In this week's episode I'm talking about this very problem, and how to solve it. This is the one [...]

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Podcast #51: 7 Ways to Use Video on Facebook

In last week's episode, I talked about why we should all be posting videos on Facebook. But what if you're feeling really uninspired, and can't think of a way to use video on your Facebook page? In this week's episode I'm looking at ways you can use videos on your Facebook page. Here are seven [...]

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