How to Start a Podcast With (almost) No Budget

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? I absolutely love podcasting. I've had my podcast for over a year, and I've really enjoyed both producing it and learning about how to make it better. Over time I've invested in parts of it, but it's still produced on a shoestring - and when I first [...]

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Productivity Hacks for a Fantastic 2016

Boost your productivity for the new year. With the start of a new year we often return to work with grand designs for what we hope to achieve in the next twelve months. We want to get rid of old habits, gain new ones, and generally achieve greatness. In order to do this, we can [...]

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How to Stay Productive When Working From Home

The thing about working from home is, even if you're not the single mother of a messy toddler, there are always plenty of things to distract you - or help you to procrastinate, if you're avoiding a particularly unpleasant job. Clean the kitchen, put on a load of washing, tidy the book shelf... Don't pretend [...]

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Syncing Apps for Awesome Productivity

    You may have noticed that I am really into productivity. I used to begin working while my daughter ate her breakfast in the mornings. I would take her to nursery, then come back and work until it was time to collect her. Once she was in bed, I would work again until I [...]

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