Goal Setting for Greatness 2016-02-29

Welcome to Goal Setting for Greatness. As mentioned in an earlier post, I have not made resolutions this year, and I'm not setting year-long goals. Instead I have set ten goals for the next 90 days, and will report back here each week with an update as to how I am getting on with them: Increase my [...]

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Facebook: Why You Need a Page to Promote Your Blog or Business

Facebook is the original, and still the largest social network. Whether we like it or not, Facebook is massive and as a blog or a business, we all need to have a presence there - if for no other reason than to keep an impostor from claiming our name there! I've seen a lot of [...]

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Podcast #49: 5 Things to NEVER do on Your Facebook Page

In this week's podcast I talk about five things I believe we should never do on our Facebook pages... Are you doing any of these?   How is your Facebook page coming along? Do you feel like you're not really getting any traction? Perhaps you're making a few mistakes with what you're posting? Here are [...]

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7 Ways to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

Being a blogger can be tough going on the old creativity muscles. Often we have a week where we come up with loads of ideas and are quite prolific... but then our minds are blank, and we can't think of a single thing to say. This is where scheduling posts can come in handy: when you come [...]

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Podcast #48: 5 Ways to Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out

In this week's podcast I give you five ways to make your Facebook page stand out.   Does your Facebook page stand out against all the others out there? How can you make your Facebook page look a little different and grab people's attention? Here are five ways you can ensure your Faebook page is a [...]

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