Podcast #60: 4 Ways to Get Your Facebook Posts Seen

Whenever I give a talk or host a workshop, even if it's not on Facebook, the number one questions I am always asked is "how do I get my Facebook posts seen by more people?"   In this week's podcast I give you four ways you can get your Facebook posts seen more.     [...]

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How to Start a Podcast With (almost) No Budget

Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? I absolutely love podcasting. I've had my podcast for over a year, and I've really enjoyed both producing it and learning about how to make it better. Over time I've invested in parts of it, but it's still produced on a shoestring - and when I first [...]

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Podcast #59: Facebook Algorithms

The Facebook algorithms seem to be a mystery to most of us; some sort of witchcraft that prevents people from seeing our posts, right? Wrong!   In this week's podcast I tell you about how the Facebook algorithms work, and what that means for us as content creators.   In this week's podast I mention [...]

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Podcast #58: 5 Ways to Use Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Video is here, and it's not going anywhere! Now is the time to start putting out quality content in live videos...   In this week's podcast I give you five¬†ways you can use Facebook Live Video for your business or blog.   Live video streaming has been around for a while on various [...]

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Podcast #57: 5 Tips for Using Facebook Video

Do you love Facebook Live Video yet? If you've not plucked up the courage to stream your first video yet, this week's podcast should help... In this week's podcast I give you five tips to help you use Facebook live video.   Live video streaming has been around for a while on various different platforms: [...]

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