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You may have noticed that I am really into productivity. I used to begin working while my daughter ate her breakfast in the mornings. I would take her to nursery, then come back and work until it was time to collect her. Once she was in bed, I would work again until I went to bed. And then I realised that was not much fun for any of us. Over the last couple of months I have been working to streamline my processes and make sure I can complete my work while my daughter is in nursery.

My evenings are then free to work on my book or personal development (or watch Netflix), and I can hopefully spend my weekends actually present with my daughter. Last week I showed you some clever and simple tips to help with productivity; this week I’m going to show you how I use apps on my mobile, tablet and laptop to keep my work flowing and up to date.

To Do List App

After failing to keep on top of my workload by using a complicated system of magnetic list pads on the side of my fridge, I decided I should just make the leap into the 21st century and keep an electronic to do list. After going through several “list” based apps on my mobile, I finally fell in love with Todoist. You have one account, which you then can access on any mobile device or laptop. I keep a Todoist tab open on my desktop most of the time so that I know where I am with my day’s work.

Here is how I would suggest getting the most out of your to do list app:

First of all, make a monstrous list of doom on a piece of paper. List every single thing you need to do, big and small.

Once you have your list, start to move it over into your app. You can use other list-making apps, but obviously I think Todoist is the best one.

Todoist allows you to have projects, and you can make a list for each one.



Under each of these projects, you can list everything you need to do – and then begin to put dates against your tasks. If you have a task you must do every day week or month, you can set it to recur daily or weekly or monthly. I do this with the regular blog posts I write, and for my weekly podcast.

Calendar App

Todoist syncs with Sunrise Calendar – another great app I highly recommend, because it syncs with just about everything. This means that when I look at my calendar I see my to do list for the day at the top.

Sunrise Calendar also syncs with my Google Calendar, so that I don’t lose anything I already had saved there. And I’ve synced it with Eventbrite, so that when I buy tickets for an event it automatically appears on my calendar.

The list of apps you can sync it with is rather long, but it includes all the usual ones: Trello, Asana and so on. You can even link it with Twitter and LinkedIn so that if you have a meeting booked with someone you can learn more about them and see their latest tweets.


By running these two apps together, I am managing to conquer my to do list and stay on top of my work – sometimes, I’m even ahead of myself!

The trick with maintaining a good to do list is to look at it at the same time every day, and arrange your day’s work. I add things to my list throughout the day – from emails that come in or whatever my plan is for fitting in time on the book or whatever. Every evening before I go to bed, I look over my list for the next day and put my tasks into order, according to which is the most important, which one I must get done, which ones are more along the lines of “it would be nice if I finished that.” Then when I get up in the morning, my list is there, ready and waiting for me to kick off my day.


By syncing these two apps, I have managed to get on top of my work and reach a level of productivity I have never achieved before. It helps that I’m one of those people who just gets a kick out of ticking things off of a list, not to mention the fact it tracks your productivity, but either way these are brilliant tools that work together to help you to be productive.


Do you use any other apps to help you stay productive?

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    Pen September 11, 2015 at 4:30 pm - Reply

    Hi, great tips. I also need an app that tells me off when it detects that I am procrastinating or not focussing on the task at hand. Do you reckon there is such a thing?

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      Vicky Charles September 13, 2015 at 7:39 pm - Reply

      haha no I think I could do with one of those too! I’ve heard of an app where you can make a tree grow by avoiding social media or something. But I was never one for those Tamagochi things so I don’t think a VR tree is going to keep me away from Twitter!

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