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Vicky is a social media and blogging trainer who offers workshops and one-to-one coaching in Salisbury as well as online training and webinars. You can read her personal blog at

Podcast #56: 7 Reasons to Use Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Video has now been rolled out universally. I'm really excited about the ability to stream live video, so this week's podcast is all about why we should all use it now! In this week's podcast I talk about why we all need to start using live video streaming on Facebook right now.   Live [...]

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Podcast #55: 10 Ways to Prepare for the Instagram Algorithm

Last week's podcast was about the new Instagram algorithm, and what it really means for us. This week, I'm giving you 10 ways to prepare for the roll out of the algorithm...     In this week's podcast I talk about ways you can prepare for the new Instagram algorithm... I love Instagram; I've been using [...]

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Podcast #54: What Does the Instagram Algorithm Really Mean?

You might have heard about the new Instagram algorithm... in fact, if you're an Instagram user, it's likely you'll have heard of nothing else on there for the last week or so! On March 15th, Instagram announced that they would be introducing an algorithm to timelines. This was hardly a surprise, since Instagram is owned [...]

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Podcast #53: 5 Ways to Get More Facebook Page Likes

How do you get more likes on your Facebook page? It's a question I'm asked often - and although I truly believe that successful social media is about quality over quantity, there are a few things you can try to get more Facebook page likes.   Here are five ways to get more likes on [...]

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Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline – And How to Opt Out!

We've all heard the news about the new Twitter algorithm being introduced, so that timelines are no longer in chronological order. The internet has been up in arms about this, with the hashtag #RIPTwitter going bonkers with people declaring they will leave Twitter (to go where, one wonders?) The change took place this week, and now [...]

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