Akashic Records & Oracle Card Reading for September 2020

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This reading is for the month of September. For the first time, as well as offering a card reading, I have opened the Akashic Records when producing the reading for each card.

Here’s how to get your reading…

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes; calm your thoughts; centre yourself. If you have a specific question, hold it in your mind. Open your eyes and look at the image below as you decide on the card (or cards) you feel most drawn to. Once you have chosen your card, scroll down and take a look at the photo and write-up for each card. There is also a general reading at the bottom.

Don’t forget to leave a comment either here or on Facebook to let me know how you get on. It’s always useful to know how readings have gone down – especially now that I am using the Akashic Records as well as oracle cards.

Oracle cards for September 2020:


Once you have chosen your card or cards, take a look at the reading below…


1 Boundaries


Where do you need to establish better boundaries?

This is not about hardening, about pushing people away or being unkind. Rather, it is about prioritising your own needs. This can feel selfish and wrong for so many of us. But as they say: you can’t pour from an empty cup. You need to pay attention to your boundaries. Where are they lacking? Where do you need to enforce them more strongly? Remember that by establishing and holding your boundaries, you are doing a service to the rest of the world. People you don’t even know will learn from your example. The ripple from your prioritising self care will reach far and wide. This is not selfish; it is necessary.

2 Mintakan

Longing for home. Belonging. The original Lightworkers.

You need to be around clear water, breathing in the stillness and purity of this energy. There is a longing for home which resides in you and has caused you great sadness which you feel cannot be resolved. Do not fear; it is not about removing sadness but rather working with it. Acknowledge it; work with it; move past it. Clear water and meditation will help with this. Working on your sense of belonging and security in all aspects, whether this is work, money, home or relationships will also help. These are all things that will help you to work with that internal sadness and turn it to light.

3 Trust the Niggle


What is the niggling feeling trying to tell you?

There is a feeling deep within that has been bothering you for a while now. You have tried to ignore it, to stuff it down with various things, to talk loudly over it. It will not be silenced; it will not go away. It must be dealt with. Perhaps you do not even recognise this as a “niggling feeling” – perhaps you are not conscious of it at all because you have become so used to moving, moving, shouting, eating, busy busy busy to keep it from ever making itself known. Now is the time to stop. Pause. Breathe deeply and allow that uncomfortable feeling to come to the surface so that you may listen to what it has to say, and begin to resolve it. You cannot move forward while it is still there.

4 Sisterhood of the Rose

Beauty and devotion. Priestess. Mystic. Teacher.

September is a beautiful month where summer turns to autumn. Things are changing all around us and you are being called to pay more attention the beauty that surrounds you anywhere and everywhere you go. When you are looking for it, you will see it everywhere and appreciating this will serve only to raise your vibration and help you to feel more positive and uplifted through what may be a troubling time otherwise. Make time to sit in nature. To breathe in the fresh air and beauty all around you. This connection to nature will help you to keep a steady course through difficult waters.

Akashic Records reading for September 2020

September is a month when many of us are returning to work, to school, to life. Returning, but not to the same. Things are different – not only in the external world but internally also. Do not forget the things you learned, the promises you made to yourself over the summer. Remember who you are and stay true to yourself while the world rages on around you.

There may be uncertain times ahead for many of us. Things are changing and transforming around us and if we have not reconciled with our own past, our own feelings, our own situation, this may be hard to bear. Take time out to care for yourself. Listen to your inner voice. We all have our own connection, our own intuition. Listen to this and allow it to guide you. It will steer you towards what you need in order to remain clear and calm during this time.

As we begin to prepare for autumn and the closing of a big year, think about what you want to bring with you into the future, and what you will leave in the past. For many people this has been a year of finishing off and tying up loose ends, releasing things and closing chapters. Now is the time to take a look at what you are leaving behind as you step forward into a new season of growth and transformation.

The card deck used for this reading was the Work Your Light oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel. You can purchase a deck here.

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