Akashic Records & Oracle Card Reading for November 2020

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This reading is for the month of November. As well as offering a card reading, I have opened the Akashic Records when producing the reading for each card.

Here’s how to get your reading…

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes; calm your thoughts; centre yourself. If you have a specific question, hold it in your mind. Open your eyes and look at the image below as you decide on the card (or cards) you feel most drawn to. Once you have chosen your card, scroll down and take a look at the photo and write-up for each card. There is also a general reading at the bottom.

Don’t forget to leave a comment either here or on Facebook to let me know how you get on. It’s always useful to know how readings have gone down – especially now that I am using the Akashic Records as well as oracle cards.

Oracle cards for November 2020:

Once you have chosen your card or cards, take a look at the reading below…

1 Pleiades

Double mission: Channeling and uplifting humanity.

You are a soul with two missions. You are here to grow and develop, but also to help to raise the vibration of the planet as a whole. The world is in a difficult place right now, and if you have been feeling the call to speak your truth, to write, to create content, to channel – this card is here to tell you YES! Please do this. The world needs to hear what you have to say. Your unique approach and words are needed, now more than ever.

2 Anna, Grandmother of Jesus

Seeding the light. Laying foundations. Divine plan.

This card represents quiet dedication and service to the greater good. It is here to remind you that each and every person has their part to play in bringing a new world to reality. You don’t need to be in the spotlight, preaching to the masses to be of use. You are just as important and valid in your work as anyone else. Remember this, and remember to honour your calling and your inner voice.

3 Warrior Woman

If you weren’t afraid, what would you do?

You are being called to do something that requires courage. Do not ignore this call; it is not going anywhere. Your courage and bravery are needed right now. Often your fear is the gatekeeper holding you back from your true calling, your greatest gift. Sit with this fear. Acknowledge it. But do not allow it to deter you. Live from the heart; be your true self. Yes, this requires courage but it will also bring you great rewards.

4 Protection

Call back your power. Cut the cords. Soul retrieval.

It is important to protect your energy, to take back your power and to maintain strong boundaries. Do not allow things to drain your energy; be sure to take care of yourself too. Your energy is sacred to you; yes, you can share your gifts with others but be sure to draw that line beyond which you do not step – and beyond which others do not come toward you. Maintain your own space, your own wellbeing. Take back your power, both from all past events and in the future. It belongs to you.

Akashic Records reading for November 2020

Last month was hard for many. This month is about recuperating, repairing, resetting, recalibrating. Allow the dust to settle after a turbulent few months. Collect your thoughts. Go deeper and see what needs to come up next to be healed.

This is a strange time for many, dealing with difficult situations still but with less pressure, less stress, less anger. More acceptance and peace and understanding. Use this new found perspective to your advantage. Do not ignore or distract yourself from this, now is your opportunity for real growth and development at a fast pace.

There is nothing to fear. You will only be sent that which you are capable of dealing with, down the line to you one after the other. These things will come to be dealt with, to be processed, looked at, examined and released. And then the next, and then the next, and then the next.

This may feel overwhelming or tiring, as if it is never ending and hard work. Do not give up. Remember to take care of yourself, both your physical body and your spiritual self. But do not turn away from what comes up for you because now is the time to clear it. These things are coming out into the open for a reason and they must be dealt with and released or they will continue to haunt your life, coming up periodically and disrupting the nice house of cards you have built on this unstable foundation.

Say to yourself: allow, allow, allow. Allow it all. Do not resist it; work with it. Allow it to be as it is. Accept it, even the parts you do not like or would change. Especially these parts for these are the parts where you have held resistance in the past. Accept it as it is, good and bad. Sit with it. Turn it over in your mind. Relax into it. Feel it. Allow it to be and allow yourself to feel it. Allow the tears to flow. Feel it and release it. Let it go. Know that if you can do this you can release much of what holds you back. Make good use of this time.

Your problems are not magically reduced by doing this. You will not wake up miraculously healed. But over time things will shift and this can be quite rapid if you do not resist the change. Things will become easier. You may find that you are capable of deeper thought, higher feeling. You may find that as you learnt o allow, to feel, to release that all of these new feelings and experiences are allowed to flow straight through you. They do not get stuck. You do not feel stuck and blocked and stagnant. And now here you are, moving with energy, flowing through life with so much less effort and concern and bother. It just feels easier because you are moving always into alignment.

Go into nature. Take deep breaths and feel the energy around you. Breathe in this peace, this calm, this life force, this ancient wisdom. Find ways to bring nature into your home, to treasure and revere this. Flowers, plants, these are good things to have around you at all times. In all spaces. If you nurture these things they will in turn nurture you. And you need this extra support. You will benefit greatly from this in ways you cannot imagine and may not immediately attribute to having plants and nature around you.

Work with crystals yes but also put them to work for you. Do not leave them to gather dust in one spot. What use can they be? Think about this and use them accordingly. Begin to get the most from these trinkets, don’t keep them lying around.

There is no shame in any of this. There is never a need for shame. This is perhaps the most human, ego driven of the emotions and it serves no purpose. It makes you feel that you are a bad person, unworthy. It keeps you crouched uncomfortably in a small space for fear of hitting your head. For fear of the judgement of others. But you know that the judgement of others is not valid, just as your judgement of them is not valid. Even your judgement of yourself is not useful, not to be trusted, loaded as it is with guilt and shame and the restrictions of the human ego and the stereotypes and standards of a broken society.

No shame. No guilt. No judgement. Only love. Love for all. As we have told you before, love is the only true way forward. For yourself and for others.

Even those upon whom you would project shame, who you feel should be shameful. Send them love, not your own skewed judgement. This is the only way forward.

The card deck used for this reading was the Work Your Light oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel. You can purchase a deck here.

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