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I was woken in the night with a message coming through. As I began to write down these words, it became clear that they were not only for me – and that I should share them with those who wish to read them. I share the passage here in its entirety, with no editing. I hope it is helpful for you.

This year has been about releasing and letting go but many people have not wanted to do this. They are still clinging to their comfort blankets and support structures of the 3D world, believing that they need them. You do not need them. They have served their purpose and as you release them so you create space for the new to come into your life. If you do not release there is no space for the new and so you become stagnant and stuck and lost.

We know that your human brain questions: But how do I release, how do I know what to let go, what do I do? – and the answer to this is simple and yet not simple. It differs for each of you. Meditate. Listen to your body and to your intuition. Consider your coping mechanisms. Question everything you do automatically – which of these things truly serves you, and which do you do only because it has always been done? Where is there benefit and reward, and what are these benefits? Often we keep doing something because the benefit is that it makes the ego feel safe and secure. Judging others is a good example of this – it makes the ego feel good but if you really stop and examine this you will see that it leaves a bad taste in the mouth when you judge or denigrate your fellow humans on this path.

Examine with unflinching eye all of your ways of being and consider honestly which of these truly serves you. You will see there is much to release here.

Many will find that there is age old trauma to release. Bad memories of things in the past which the ego has used to shape your view of the world. Coping mechanisms. The ways you relate to the world around you. Examine all of this. Look at the ways you interact with others and feelings surrounding this.

Of course there is also the physical act of releasing actual possessions. This could be something large or small. Many small things that together make up a mountain of clutter. How much of this do you truly need? Do you keep these things because they are truly of use, or because you fear the possibility of the space they would leave behind if you released them?

The physical aspect of letting go can often feel more daunting than any other. It can feel like an insurmountable task. So do not attempt it all in one go if it seems too big to overcome. Small steps. One room at a time. One thing at a time. What can you release today? What can you let go of this morning? Let it all go and allow the space to open up around you and this will make letting go in other areas much easier to comprehend and ultimately to do.

You will find that when you begin to release the physical possessions so the old ways of being, old ways of coping, old judgements, old associations with people who no longer align with who you are – all of these will fall by the wayside with much less effort.

Use the physical releasing as a way of getting used to the idea and the action of releasing that which does not serve you. It will make it easier for you. Begin today. What can you say goodbye to today? Make the decision.

As you move forward you will see that this is a constant process of releasing. Releasing the physical form and the ego driven way of being.

You are letting go of your past life – not past lives from previous births but the past life of this birth. The part of your life where you relied on things and habits and ways of being that cannot bring you any further forward. Like a car whose engine has begun to sputter and break down you can waste time on patching together an old engine with rusty parts – or you can step out of the car and find that you move much more quickly under your own steam.

Release – release – release

Do not fear the space this creates. Embrace it. See the possibilities it opens up to you.

Begin now. Do not waste any more time.

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