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These days, if your business doesn’t have an online presence, it may as well not exist – and it probably won’t, for much longer unfortunately!

Your customers, whoever they are, want to be able to find you on social media. They want to be able to visit your site, to read all about you and what you do, and to read your blog.

I want to help your business to succeed. I can write fantastic copy for your site, and by collaborating with you and learning about your business and values, I can write great blog posts for you too. I can also show you how to use Facebook and Twitter to your advantage, so that your business has a strong online presence.

Copywriting Services

I pride myself on writing fantastic copy on a wide range of topics, for fantastic clients all over the world.

Do you want a blog for your business, but don’t have time to sit down and write it all out yourself?

Perhaps you already have a blog, but don’t find the time to update it regularly?

Is your head filled with ideas, but you don’t have time to put them into a proper blog post?

I can help you!

I can also write excellent quality copy for your site, editing and amalgamating existing text or writing new and original copy from scratch.

Social Media Assistance

I also offer bespoke social media assistance, where I can help you to get your company’s social media presence up and running, and show you when and where to post.

Presentations, Workshops and Events

I love to present to groups, large or small, and also run workshops and appear at events. I can tailor content to your particular audience, providing useful, actionable tips and information.

Let’s Chat!

For more details, email me for a no-obligation chat: Vicky@VickyCharles.com

Alternatively, you can contact me using the form below.

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